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Level 3 Certificate for Forest School Leaders

Open College Network West Midlands

Centre Number: 60974

EarthCraftuk are very experienced Forest School trainers having trained hundreds of Forest School Leaders from across the UK & Europe.  Clair Hobson has led the working group (Clair Hobson, Sarah Lawful, Lily Horseman, Jon Cree, Linda McDonnell) in every step of the consultation for the new suite of national Forest School qualifications - consulting also with members of the Forest School Training Network, The FSA and The Open College Network West Midlands. These new units have been approved by the Forest School Association. This in depth process has given Clair the full working knowledge of the requirements for our delivery of the nationally recognised Forest School qualification training and assessment process, as well as the comprehensive indicative training content.

These new units are approved by the Forest School Association and awarded by The Open College Network West Midlands.  The Level 3 Certificate for Forest School Leaders training programme is designed to prepare you with the skills, knowledge and understanding to start running your own Forest School programmes.  Please note, you will need to continually build your knowledge and skill level.

New Level 3 Forest School Leader units from 2018:

UNIT 1:  Forest School Programme: Planning & Preparation GLH: 15  TQT: 30

UNIT 2: Forest School Programme:  The Woodland Environment GLH: 18   TQT: 30   

UNIT 3: Forest School Programme:  Practical Skills GLH: 18  TQT:  30

UNIT 4:  Forest School Programme:  Learning & Development GLH: 30   TQT:  60

UNIT 5:  Forest School Programme:  Delivery GLH: 15  TQT: 60


Your Course Commitment:

The course consists of 18 credits (180 hours Total Qualification Time) and equates to min of 75 hours of formal taught time and requires on average a further 105 hours of self directed study time.   You will also need to attend 100% of the planned training programme dates, create your own Forest School Handbook, run your own 6 session `Introduction to Forest School Pilot Programme`, and submit your coursework for marking and verification within 12 months of starting the programme.

You also receive a FREE 16 hour outdoor first aid training programme with paediatric elements ensuring you are familiar with and prepared should an accident/incident arise when out in the woodland.

The Training Format - please note, your training is ALL in the stunning woodland located between Canterbury & Faversham in Kent.

Intensive Week: The course starts with five days of theoretical and practical skills which is all woodland based - 9.30am to 5pm each day.

Practical Skills Long weekend:  Approximately 4 weeks later, there will be a woodland practical skills long weekend Friday (9.30am to 6.30pm), Saturday (9.30am to 6.30pm) and Sunday (9.30am to 4pm), with the option of camping (on a self catering basis) on the Friday and/or Saturday night(s) which gives you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the woodland environment.  

Specialist Expedition First Aid Training: This two day (9.30 to 5pm) specialist Outdoor First Aid Training Programme with paediatric elements, complies with the requirements of the Institute for Outdoor Learning Band 3 for Forest School Leaders.  

Workshop: Getting Ready for Delivery Assessment: Prior to the start of your `Introduction to Forest School Pilot Programme` with your children on your site, you will attend a one day workshop `Getting Ready for Delivery Assessment`.  Your Forest School Handbook needs to be completed by this day (although always a working document) and then the date for your delivery assessment will be booked. We will also be continuing with woodland crafts on this day too.

Your `Introduction to Forest School Pilot Programme`: This is when it all comes together!  Next is the delivery of your own pilot programme (min 6 sessions with the same small group of participants) on your woodland site.  One of our training staff will visit you towards the end of your programme to observe and assess your practice.

Submission of Coursework: Your coursework needs to be completed for submission within 12 months of starting the course.  Extensions can be granted only in exceptional circumstances (max 2 years). Once everything is submitted your coursework will be marked, verified and certificated usually within 16 weeks of submission.  

Full terms and conditions are available in the link below.

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Fee for the Level 3 Certificate for Forest School Leaders training programme & assessment within Kent: £995 per person.

Full payment or purchase order required with booking form to secure your place. Payment by cheque/electronic transfer.

Out of area Forest School delivery assessments, incur a £75 fee, plus 40p per mile beyond a 70 mile radius of Canterbury.

Entry Criteria:

This Level 3 Certificate for Forest School Leaders is a higher level course and as such applicants must be 21 years or over at the start of the course and show evidence of any ONE of the following:

For information, if you fulfil the above criteria, it is not a pre-requisite to have attended Levels 1 or 2 Forest School training.

For many reasons to choose EarthCraftuk as your Forest School training provider - please click HERE.

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Please email us to check the availability of your chosen programme, then you will be sent a booking form to complete and return - thank you