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Reasons to choose EarthCraftuk for your Forest School training…

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Scott is also an Advanced Bushcraft Instructor and quality knifesmith, offering knowledge of a much deeper dimension in woodland management and woodcraft skills, bushcrafts, bladed tool use, maintenance and safety.

Clair was a founding voluntary Board Director (now retired) of the Forest School Association being passionate about the national professional development of Forest School and ensuring that high quality Forest School is promoted through our training.

Once you have qualified with us as a Level 3 Forest School Programme Leader, we offer opportunities to join us for a networking/skills share weekend with other Level 3 Leaders who  have qualified through EarthCraftuk.  

Both Clair & Scott are OCN qualified level 3 Forest School Leaders & have been running our own Forest School since 2008.  We  are competent and confident trainers  in the unique position of being able to train you in the syllabus content as well as giving you plenty of practical knowledge, skills and experience from our own journey.  All of our training throughout is held in 300 acres of stunning private ancient woodland, which is a fantastic experience for you personally and brings the theory to life.

As a company we also offer an extensive range of professional CPD training courses to build your ongoing Forest School skills base and knowledge and we go above and beyond in helping you - because we can and we want to!

We are passionate about Forest School and we are passionate about helping you the Forest School trainee, to truly understand the Forest School ethos and guiding through a supported training programme so you feel ready to run your own Forest School Programmes (Level 3).

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Forest School Leaders

EarthCraftuk offer the national Open College West Midlands Forest School training units which are approved by the Forest School Association.

EarthCraftuk are very experienced Forest School trainers having trained hundreds of Forest School Leaders from across the UK & Europe.  Clair Hobson has led the working group (Clair Hobson, Sarah Lawful, Lily Horseman, Jon Cree, Linda McDonnell) in every step of the consultation over the past year for the new suite of national Forest School qualifications - consulting also with members of the Forest School Training Network, The FSA and The Open College Network West Midlands. These new units have been approved by the Forest School Association & are now live.  This in depth process has given Clair the full working knowledge of the requirements for our delivery of the nationally recognised qualification training and assessment process as well as the comprehensive indicative training content.

EarthCraftuk include individual 1:1 workplace delivery assessments for Level 3 trainees.  This has tremendous benefits as we are able to visit on site during one of the pilot programme sessions.  This gives us the opportunity to support our trainees and help with any advice relating to practical issues.