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Forest School Programmes

In today`s fast moving, consumer orientated, materialistic, hi-tech, risk assessment world, somehow, somewhere along the line, the value of outdoor play in the natural environment, has been overlooked.

This generation are the first generation when, for the majority of children, their relationship with the natural world has been completely stifled with our screen based lifestyles and the results of which are now beginning to show - frightening thought!  Child obesity, depression, ADHD are just some of the ever increasing medical problems which are now being directly linked to the lack of relationship with the natural world.

A wonderful book which highly influenced our own journey is "Last Child in the Woods - Saving our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder" by Richard Louv - a must read for anyone interested in the future well being of our children and young people.  

Each EarthCraftuk Forest School programme will run with two qualified Level 3 Practitoners at our stunning 300 acre ancient woodland site between Faversham & Canterbury, in Kent throughout the year. The programme consists of a minimum of 12 sessions for groups of up to 18 participants (Max ratio subject to group needs). Our Forest School setting is adaptable and allows a flexible approach to learning that can accommodate a range of learning styles, such as "Kinaesthetic" Learning (learning by doing), Linguistic, Interpersonal, Mathematical and Visual Learning.

Basic woodland hand tools are used in Forest Schools in a traditional woodland manner. A range of basic woodland skills are taught, together with activities to experience and learn about the forest environment.  Activities are learner led and selected to be appropriate to the skills level and the weather conditions - with each successive activity building on the skills already developed. Research has shown that attending Forest School programmes, has a powerful positive effect in helping children to:

  • Build self esteem and confidence
  • Become independent learners
  • Stay safe and establish their own boundaries for risk taking
  • Show creativity, innovation and problem solving
  • To be able to explore at their own pace
  • Increase physical and social skills

also children  become more environmentally aware of everyone's environmental responsibilities throughout life, helping to create a sustainable future for generations to come.

Forest School in many other parts of the country has become firmly embedded into the education framework - it is our mission to make this happen in Kent as our children need Forest School too!

If you would like to discuss a Forest School programme for your children, please email us with brief details about your group and we can arrange a site visit for you to discuss your Forest School Programme in great detail…  We welcome you!



Everyone has the opportunity for natural craft.  Through this process - everyone is learning about sustainability and creativity.  Allowing freedom for creative expression.

 Making good use of the things that you find!

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